PM Benjamin Netanyahu criticizes Barghouti’s New York Times op-ed

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the New York Times after the newspaper published an op-ed written by Palestinian terrorist Marwan Barghouti. “To call him a ‘political leader’ is like calling Assad a ‘pediatrician,’” said Netanyahu, who noted that the newspaper published an editor’s note following Israeli intervention.
Netanyahu vs. Barghouti Photo Credit: Alex Kolomoisky/Flash90

After the New York Times published an editor’s note this morning (Tuesday) concerning Palestinian terrorist Marwan Barghouti’s op-ed, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the article claiming that an editor’s note was added as a result of Israeli intervention in the matter. “To call Barghouti a ‘parliamentary leader’ is like calling Assad a ‘pediatrician,’” Netanyahu said.

“Two days ago, I read an article in the New York Times, which depicts the multi-terrorist Barghouti as a ‘parliamentary leader,’” Netanyahu said during Mimouna celebrations in Dimona. “It’s like calling Assad a ‘pediatrician. They are murderers. They are terrorists and we never lose our clarity because we are on the right side. We are on the moral side – and they are on the wrong immoral side.”

Netanyahu added: “This moral clarification, the willingness to defend our land, the willingness to fight those who seek to obliterate us, is one of our greatest powers alongside loving Israel.”

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