Israeli PM responds to criticism: “We turned question marks to exclamation marks”

After receiving criticism for his speech at the Kirya yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended Israel’s evidence and said that it will aid other countries in the fight against the nuclear threat. He also announced that delegations from France, Germany and Britain will pay a visit to Israel this weekend.
Netanyahu, yesterday Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash 90

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that officials from Germany, France and Britain are scheduled to visit Israel this weekend to examine the evidence presented in yesterday’s speech about Iran’s past nuclear developments. According to Netanyahu, the European states expressed much interest in the findings.

“We turned question marks to exclamation marks,” he asserted at a press briefing on Tuesday. “We brought a lot of new material regarding the military’s nuclear plan.”

"When we got this trove of 100,000 documents, we learned so many things we didn't know. We're still learning them," Netanyahu told CNN’s New Day. “We learned an enormous amount about Iran's secret nuclear program. Now, the deal that everybody is talking about was premised on the fact that Iran had no such material. But Iran bothered, took enormous pains after the nuclear deal and before but especially after to hide this information. It's like an arsenal of knowledge."

Stressing his commitment to share the intelligence with other countries, the prime minister told reporters that he would give Russia and China access to the material.

Netanyahu told Fox News and CNN that he was happy about Trump’s criticism of the current deal he claims is based on lies. He also extended his welcome to the American leader and said he would be glad to see him at the opening ceremony of the new US embassy in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu also responded to the fears surrounding the May 12 US deadline and the supposed threats of war that were voiced in the last 24 hours, saying that Israel is on an inevitable track. “Nobody’s seeking that kind of development. Iran is the one that’s changing the rules in the region," Netanyahu told CNN.

Also in the interview, Netanyahu evaded questions about Israel’s nuclear warfare capabilities. However, he claimed there was no justification to continue the deal with Iran, claiming it is a terrible deal and needs to be corrected immediately.

An Israeli official confirmed to reporters that the US agreed that Israel would publicly release the claims against Iran ahead of Trump’s decision about the Iran deal’s future. The source added that former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin also spoke about the threat Iran posed and that “he was right.” He said that Israel has since been building an intelligence infrastructure and warning against Iran’s hostility and the possibility it would obtain nuclear weapons. The source added that Iran could become a power in the region and try to take over the Middle East and that this was “clear to Israeli intelligence.”

The source added that Israel had warned former US President Barack Obama that Iran was the biggest threat in the region and posed a global threat. In addition, he said that Israel’s position has always been to impose sanctions on Iran and to do everything to stop Iran from gaining nuclear power. The source further criticized the former American administration, saying that when the cards were entirely in the hands of global powers, the US simply “gave up the cards.”

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