Netanyahu rejects report about Israel funding Syrian rebel groups

While he visited Safed’s Ziv Medical Center, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed the report about Israel financially funding rebel groups in Syria. Netanyahu said that Israel is not involved in the conflict and only provides medical aid to the injured Syrians who arrive at the border seeking treatment.
Netanyahu Photo Credit: Amos Ben Gurshon (Government Press Office)/Channel 2 News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the Wall Street Journal report about Israel financially funding rebel groups in Syria on a regular basis. “We aren’t intervening in this horrible and bloody conflict but we are providing humanitarian aid to children,” he said at Safed’s Ziv Medical Center.

“I see men, women and children who once saw us as enemies come here,” Netanyahu said, regarding the injured Syrians who come to Israel in order to receive medical treatment. “They understand more than ever that the State of Israel is a moral bastion and a ray of light in our region and everyone who comes here knows that they are representing ethnicities, religions and entire sectors…Every person comes here and every person receives equal treatment. It’s a ray of light in our region.”

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that for the past few years, Israel has been giving the rebel groups fighting in Syria cash in order to purchase weapons and pay their members’ salaries. According to the report, Israel hopes to create a buffer zone that will be populated by forces friendly and stop Iran from establishing a stronghold along Israel’s northern border in the Golan Heights area.

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