Netanyahu: Israel's cooperation with Sunni Arab states better than ever

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that while the peace process with the Palestinians has not advanced, Israel's cooperation with the moderate Sunni Arab states has never been better.
Netanyahu Photo Credit: Alex Kolomoisky/Flash 90

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Israel's cooperation with the Sunni Arab countries has never been better. During a toast in honor of the Jewish new year at the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry, Netanyahu said: "What is actually happening with the bloc of Arab states has never occurred in our history- even when we signed agreements."

Netanyahu explained that the developments with the Arab countries "are much greater than [the developments] during any other period in Israel's history." The Israeli prime minister added that Israel's ties to the Arab states are improving even though "the Palestinians unfortunately still have not changed their conditions for a diplomatic agreement that are unacceptable for a major part of the public." However, he did not go into further details about statements regarding the thriving situation.    

Netanyahu also commented on the latest developments in Syria and the fact that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remains in power. Speaking just two weeks after he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Netanyahu said that Israel and Russia are constantly in contact about the situation in Syria and coordinating their expectations and interests.

Netanyahu and Putin Photo Credit: Alex Gromov/Channel 2 News

"There's also a tremendous change with Russia and this is a major change also in relation to the coordination of economic and cultural interests," Netanyahu explained, adding that Moscow and Jerusalem are engaged in a dialogue to coordinate their strategic plans as well. "This is critical in our time. The connection is nurtured and strengthened by us and Russia itself."

Netanyahu then mentioned Israel's relations with Europe and America. "The alliance with the US is stronger than ever, [there are] also strong ties with Europe and developing [ties] with East Europe."

"The big breakthrough is to all continents," he added. "Our return to Africa is widening the scope of [our] technological assistance and this is resulting in great interest [in Israel] throughout the continent."

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