Netanyahu files appeal against releasing his family’s laundry service receipts

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu filed an appeal against the Attorney General’s decision according to which the Prime Minister’s Office needs to release the laundry service receipts of the Netanyahu family.
Netanyahu (archives) Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

In July 2015, the Movement for Quality Government in Israel filed an appeal that demanded that the Prime Minister’s Office release the receipts detailing the spending at the Prime Minister’s official residence. In light of this appeal, Netanyahu filed today (Monday) an appeal against the release of the receipts that detail his family’s laundry expenses. According to Netanyahu, these receipts detail personal spending and their release will be a violation of his family’s privacy.

When the Movement for Quality Government in Israel filed the appeal in July 2015, the Prime Minister’s Office opposed releasing 220 of the 1,300 receipts, citing that their release would most likely violate the Netanyahu family’s privacy. The Israeli Attorney General determined that the release of these receipts would indeed violate the Netanyahu family’s privacy but that in regards to those detailing the family’s laundry expenses, “the expected violation of privacy is not significant and doesn’t come before the public interest.”

In light of the Attorney General’s decision, the Israeli Prime Minister filed another appeal today against the release of the laundry service receipts. In the appeal, he wrote that these receipts are a personal matter.

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