Netanyahu to Katz: Fix the problem or suffer consequences

The trains resumed yesterday evening but the crisis between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz is still making headlines. Netanyahu’s chief of staff met with Katz and told him that the Prime Minister believes that he is responsible for the unnecessary crisis.
Long lines of soldiers waiting for buses yesterday Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Sunday), the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Yoav Horowitz met with Katz in order to tell him that if he does not resolve the crisis with the Haredi members of the government, he will suffer the consequences. In addition, Horowitz told Katz that the Prime Minister does not think that there needed to be a crisis in the first place. Horowitz also made it clear that Netanyahu believes that Katz is responsible for causing the crisis.

It is estimated that the sides want to put an end to the crisis between them. Although Netanyahu wants to fire Katz, such a dismissal will most likely spark outrage within the Likud because the Transportation Minister is a senior level member of the political party.

As reported by JOL yesterday, senior level Likud officials told Channel 2 News that they thwarted Netanyahu’s intentions to dismiss Katz: “The MKs made it clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that they would back Katz and the dismissal crisis came to an end.”

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