Netanyahu to Kerry: “The Kidnappings are the Result of Unity with Hamas”

Israel asked the United State to pressure the Palestinians to help in the search for the missing persons, who are suspected kidnapped. “What has happened is that every since Hamas joined the government, the situation has gotten worse,” said Netanyahu to Kerry, who spoke to Abu Mazen in order to request that the latter mobilize in order to help locate the 3 missing Israelis. The prime minister continues to consult with his security cabinet
Netanyahu and Kerry, archives AP

Cooperation between Israel and the PA as well as mutual blame: Netanyahu spoke with Secretary of State John Kerry this evening (Friday) and made clear that Abu Mazen bears responsibility for the incident. Netanyahu continues to consult with his security cabinet.

“Ever since Hamas has entered the government, the situation has deteriorated. This is the direct result of a terrorist organization joining the government,” added Netanyahu in his conversation with Kerry, who asked Abu Mazen to make efforts to return the victims.

 Earlier in the evening, Tzipi Livni met with Kerry in London in order to ask that he work to pressure Abu Mazen to bring the three Israeli back safely.


Searching for the missing Israelis near Hebron Flash 90

Netanyahu: “Israel will make every effort”

Netanyahu swiftly blamed Abu Mazen for the incident, after the IDF spokesperson’s unit released a report of the suspected kidnapping. He also spoke with the families of the missing Israelis, one of whom is also a U.S. citizen.

“I know that you are going through such a difficult time. Be strong. Israel will make every effort to bring your sons home, and I promise to be in contact with you,” promised Netanyahu. The families asked for the public to pray for their sons.

A security source said, “The operating assumption is that this was a kidnapping meant to serve as a bargaining chip.” According to the source, the security forces are waiting for a sign from the kidnappers in order to allow them to bring the episode to a close as swiftly as possible. The source also warned that it could take days, and even longer, for this incident to come to a close. Roadblocks have been set up heading south, in order to prevent the kidnappers from smuggling the hostages into the Sinai or Gaza. 

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