Netanyahu warns Amona residents that Obama might attempt to impose one-sided solution on Israel

US President Barack Obama has only three more months left in the White House but the Israeli Prime Minister told the residents of an Israeli outpost that he might attempt to impose a one-sided solution on Israel regarding the settlement issue before the end of his term.
Obama and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

During a closed-door meeting that took place last week with Amona and Ofra residents, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned about the possibility that US President Barack Obama will try to impose a one-sided solution on Israel during the short amount of time left until the end of his tenure.

The residents of Amona waited several months for a meeting with Netanyahu. In the middle of last week, Netanyahu met with them. This meeting came shortly after the US condemned Israel for approving the construction of hundreds of housing unit in Binyamin as compensation for the Amona residents who are expected to be evacuated soon.

“It’s not just Amona,” said Netanyahu during the meeting. “During the time period between the US election and the end of Obama’s term, the entire settlement project is in danger.”

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