Netanyahu to discuss new settlement plan for Amona evacuees with ministers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to update the Israeli Security Cabinet ministers about the discussions with the White House regarding West Bank construction this evening. Netanyahu will most likely ask the cabinet members to vote on the plan to build a new settlement for the Amona evacuees even though the White House has not given the green light to this plan.
Amona Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

After the continuous discussions with the White House, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold a meeting with the Israeli Security Cabinet ministers on Thursday evening in order to discuss West Bank construction and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israeli political sources believe that Netanyahu will bring the plan to build a new community for the Amona evacuees to a vote even though this matter has not been finalized with the U.S.

Netanyahu is expected to present the plan this evening due to the pressure from right-wing politicians and the Amona evacuees. It appears that Netanyahu will discuss with the ministers the problematic aspects of the plan, which are most likely part of the reason the discussions with the U.S. government are ongoing. This development shows that despite the right-wing politicians’ hopes following Donald Trump’s victory in the election, the U.S. president is not giving an automatic green light to West Bank construction.

In addition, Netanyahu will update the ministers about the recent U.S. statements about renewing the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians and Trump’s pledge to fast track the peace talks.

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