New Labor Party head: “The campaign for replacing Netanyahu started today”

Avi Gabbay, who won the close runoff race for the leadership of the Israeli Labor Party yesterday, said that he intends to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the next election. “We will bring 30 mandates and replace him,” he said.
Gabbay Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Avi Gabbay, the new head of the Israeli Labor Party, is adjusting to his new position after winning yesterday’s close runoff race. During a meeting on Tuesday, Gabby commented on his victory over MK Amir Peretz: “What is important is to gather the abilities we’ve developed here and transfer them to the real struggle against Netanyahu.”

Gabbay said that his goal is to increase the number of registered Labor members. “We need to reach at least 100,000 registered voters in the next election,” he said, adding that his party hopes to become the ruling party in Israel.

“The campaign for replacing Netanyahu started today,” Gabbay continued. “For us, [it is like] they’ve already announced the election. We will bring 30 mandates and replace him.”

Earlier today, Gabbay spoke in front of the cameras for the first time since he was elected. “Yesterday, we did something very simple- we gave hope to the nation of Israel,” he said.

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