Opposition Head Herzog Supported Threshold Law A Few Years Ago

Even though the opposition and its head MK Herzog from Labor boycotted the threshold vote, he supported raising the threshold a few years back.
MK Herzog Photo Credit: Miriam Elstar, Flash 90/Channel 2

Today, the Knesset passed the second and third reading of the governance law, which stipulates that the threshold for party represenation in the Knesset will be raised from 2% to 3.2 %. 

The bill raised furor among the opposition which boycotted the vote. But today it turns out that opposition head, MK Yitzchak Herzog from the Labor Party at one point a few years back, specifically called to double the threshold level. That proposal would have made the threshold higher than that which appears in the bill to which he and his colleagues are strongly opposed to.

Back in February of 2011, Herzog wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and then opposition leader Tzipi Livni that “strong action is required” to deal with the issue of expediency for so many “sectorial” interests to get into the Knesset. In the letter, he offered a proposal “to establish a joint forum that will examine the enactment of a law that will increase the elections threshold level to 4% of the votes counted."

Herzog continued on and said that "such a law will ensure that the next Knesset will be composed of a limited number of large factions and contribute to its strength. The law will ensure the prevention of the branching-out of sub-factions of factions that do not have a chance to pass the threshold. The law will ensure the reduction of the level of extortion on the coalition that currently exists." Herzog concluded by stressing the need "to act without delay to establish the commission” and that it is “vital that the raising od the threshold will be applied already in the next elections."

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