Limitations on settlement building? Yesha Council approves continued construction

Following the cabinet’s decision to restrain construction within the West Bank in accordance with agreements made with the US government, the Yesha Council claims that they approve continued settlement construction.
Will settlement construction be restricted? Photo Credit: Moshe Milner/GPO

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented the decision to “significantly” restrain settlement construction in accordance with US President Donald Trump’s policy, the Yesha Council is clarifying that the true test will be what is actually done on the ground: “We’ll be on guard.”

A statement released by the council following the cabinet’s decision regarding construction reads: “In light of the decisions and despite these specific limitations, the understandings achieved by the Israeli government and the US government allow for continued construction of the settlements in Judea and Samaria and also the establishment of the new settlement for Amona residents.”

The Yesha Council emphasized that “even with this circumstance, the true test will be immediate renewal of planning, construction and development activities throughout the settlements and the actions on the ground.”

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