Shas MK Yigal Guetta resigns amid gay wedding controversy

After the serious criticism voiced by rabbis due to his participation in his nephew’s gay wedding, MK Yigal Guetta of Shas announced his resignation. Shas chairman Arye Dery accepted Guetta’s resignation Wednesday morning.
Yigal Guetta Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

After several rabbis called for the dismissal of Yigal Guetta from the Knesset because he participated in the wedding of his gay nephew, the Shas MK announced his resignation Wednesday morning.

Shas chairman Arye Dery said that Guetta spoke to him this morning and informed him of his decision to leave the Knesset. “Minister Dery told MK Guetta that he respects his decision,” Dery’s office said in a statement. The statement explains that Dery said that Guetta will still play a role in the party.

The rabbis’ attack on Guetta came after he was interviewed by Army Radio. During the interview, he said that his nephew called him about two years ago and asked him to be the rabbi at the wedding. However, Guetta told his nephew that does not really officiate weddings but would help him find a rabbi who is an expert. “Then he told me, ‘Yes, but I want to tell you another thing: I’m gay and I’m marrying a man,” Guetta recalled.

“I told him, ‘You know what? Now I understand it even less,’” Guetta continued. Nevertheless, the MK told his nephew that he would attend the wedding with his wife and kids. “We went with the entire family,” Guetta explained. “Usually, I don’t tell them which events to go to but in this case, I told them they had to come…I told my kids: Know that we are going to make him happy because he is the son of my sister and I want to hug my sister but the Torah says it is forbidden and abominable.”

After he announced his resignation amid the harsh criticism in the Orthodox community, Guetta’s daughter took to Facebook to defend him, saying that she is proud of her father. “Now, there’s only one thing left for me to say: I’m full of pride and love for the father I have and full of humiliation and shame and even sadness and tears in my eyes due to the group of Haredi Jews who cling to unjustified hatred.”

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