State Comptroller’s Operation Protective Edge report to be released at 4:00 PM

The state comptroller’s report on Operation Protective Edge will be released today at 4:00 PM. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated yesterday: “The real and important conclusions aren’t found in the state comptroller’s report.”
Archive Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

Israel’s State Comptroller Joseph Shapira will release his report on the IDF’s strategic handling of the Hamas terror tunnel threat during Operation Protective Edge at 4:00 PM today (Tuesday). In the past few months, the report has made headlines, sparking heated political debates during which serious accusations were made against senior level politicians.

“The real and important conclusions aren’t found in the State Comptroller’s report and we are implementing them without any announcements or declarations to the media,” stated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday. “Unlike the report, I support the heads of the IDF.”

The report will focus on two topics: the Israeli Security Cabinet’s decision-making process before the operation and in the beginning of it and the strategic handling of the Hamas terror tunnel threat. Only a summary of the latter will be released to the public. Shapira stressed that his office examined the decision-making process and the information that was provided to the decision makers, not the quality of the decisions.

Over the past few weeks, many politicians, including senior-level politicians who were members of the Israeli Security Cabinet during the operation, commented on the report. “In the coming week, you will hear a lot about Operation Protective Edge,” former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon stated two days ago. “They’ll tell you they didn’t know, that nobody told them, that no one informed them. The biggest lie? That we weren’t prepared and we lost. It’s nonsense. There are those who leak and those who fight.”

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