Removal of metal detectors from Temple Mount begins following Security Cabinet decision

After just one week, in the middle of the night, some of the metal detectors placed at the Temple Mount entrance were removed, along with the security cameras installed last week. 100 million NIS have been allocated towards the new security alternatives in Jerusalem.

Security forces removing metal detectors from Temple Mount

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After a special meeting, the Israeli Security Cabinet announced last night (between Monday and Tuesday) that it has accepted all of the security bodies’ recommendations to replace security inspection via metal detectors with security utilizing advanced technology, “smart inspection,” and other means in order to guarantee the safety of visitors and worshippers in Jerusalem’s Old City and the Temple Mount. It was also decided that along with the metal detectors, the security cameras installed last week will be removed. Operations to remove the old security measures began last night.

Furthermore, it was determined that until the plan is implemented, the Israel Police will increase its presence in the area and will act as necessary in order to guarantee the safety of the Temple Mount’s visitors. The Security Cabinet decided upon a budget allocation of up to 100 million NIS towards implementing the new strategy within a time frame of up to nine months, including crosscuts, based on the Israeli Public Security Ministry’s proposal. The plan’s cost includes policemen’s standard financing based on the Israel Police’s recommendation.

Despite the unified stance presented by security officials, the Security Cabinet vote was not unanimously accepted as Israeli government ministers Naftali Bennett, Ayelet Shaked and Ze’ev Elkin voted against it. “The cabinet’s decision yesterday was a regrettable decision,” Shaked stated. “One doesn’t need to be an expert in security in order to understand that metal detectors have a deterrent security effect.”

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