EU condemns new settlement plans following US

The EU strongly condemned the solution that was approved for Amona residents. This statement came after the US voiced its concern regarding the construction in the West Bank.
Amona Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Friday), the EU released a strong condemnation against the 98 housing units that are supposed to be constructed near the settlement of Shvut Rachel. These units are supposed to compensate the residents of Amona who are supposed to be evacuated in the near future. "The decision to continue settlement building and expansion... weakens rather than strengthens the prospects for a two-state solution to the Middle East peace process and makes the possibility of a viable Palestinian state more remote," stated the European Union External Action Service.

The US State Department clarified that it is worried about the plan even if the plan has not yet been fully approved. Germany also joined the criticism claiming that the settlements are illegal under international law.

An Israeli official attacked the condemnations saying that the US’ reaction is disproportional and that it is an alibi for President Obama to do one-sided acts even though Obama pledged not to do such.

Meanwhile, the residents of Amona are remaining calm and indifferent, claiming that the new units will only be ready in 4 years and thus, they are not a viable solution to their expected evacuation.

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