The US Condemns Hamas Attacks: "Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself"

Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian Authority in a bloody coup in June 2007
Heather Nauert US State Department photo/ Public Domain

The United States condemned the Islamic terrorist group Hamas for the launching of around 200 rockets and mortar rounds against Israeli cities and villages, and defended Israel's military response in the worst exchange of fire since "Operation Protective Edge", the war of Gaza in 2014.

Undersecretary of the State Department, Heather Nauert, stressed that Israel justifiably responded forcefully to Hamas rockets against Israeli cities and communities.

"It's a very worrying situation," Nauert said. "We condemn the launching of missile attacks against Israel and call for an end to destructive violence," she said. "We fully support Israel's right to defend itself and take measures to prevent provocations of that nature."

Nauert also blamed Hamas for the dire situation in the Gaza Strip.

"Let's not forget that Hamas is the maximum responsible for the humanitarian situation in Gaza," she stressed. "This is a big concern for us."

Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian Authority in a bloody coup in June 2007 (over eleven years ago), killing 120 Palestinian fighters, 39 civilians and two UN officials. Since then, it has only aggravated the situation in the coastal enclave, recognize its inhabitants.

Iran grants Gaza 100 million dollars annually. A total of 70 million dollars is transferred to Hamas and the remaining 30 million dollars for Islamic Jihad. The bulk of these funds goes to the military wing of both organizations, instead of providing assistance to the civilians of the Strip.

Tehran transfers another $ 1 billion a year to the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah.


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