Ya’alon criticized Netanyahu for ‘delegitimizing’ the rule of law, attempting to ‘manipulate IDF Radio’

In an Army Radio interview, former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His political followers “weave a web of lies” and are not interested in Israel’s well-being, said Ya'alon.
Former Israeli Minister of Defense Moshe Ya'alon Photo Credit: Flash90

Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon lashed out Thursday at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “We are bound to his political survival,” he said in an interview on Army Radio.

“From the public’s standpoint, Benjamin Netanyahu is finished,” he said. “He strayed from the path and is causing the country to stray from its path,” Ya’alon continued. “Unfortunately, I see that a group of sheep flock around him because of political considerations and not for the country’s good. They weave a web of lies over scandals that should have exploded.”

Ya’alon condemned Netanyahu and the Likud’s attacks against law enforcement agencies and the press and even said that Netanyahu had attempted to manipulate Army Radio. “Before I left, I fought against attempts to delegitimize the Supreme Court and the rule of law,” Ya’alon said. “Same thing with the press. What, he didn’t try to manipulate Army Radio? I didn’t let him.”

With regards to the coalition crisis, Ya’alon said that Netanyahu wants an early election because of the investigation. “The only person who will decide whether we go to an election is Netanyahu,” he explained. “If he thinks an early election will help his chances in the investigations or even delay the process, he’ll hold an election. The new conscription laws are just an excuse.”

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