Senior law enforcement official: "Ya'alon's claims against Netanyahu- a bunch of gossip"

"You don't go to court with a gut feeling or with assumptions," said a senior law enforcement official in response to the harsh corruption allegations voiced by former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the submarine affair. Ya'alon: "These are tendentious attempts to avoid reaching the truth."
Ya'alon and Netanyahu | Archive Photo credit: Tomer Noiberg, Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

The submarine affair, also known as case file 3000, continues: Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon recently made a controversial statement accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being personally involved with the corruption surrounding the submarine affair. Investigators had hitherto been very clear that Netanyahu was not being investigated as a person of interest in the affair.

A senior level law enforcement official addressed Ya'alon's accusations against the Prime Minister and reported tonight to Channel 2 News that "Ya'alon's testimony regarding Netanyahu is a bunch of gossip and rumors." He added that "you don't go to court with a gut feeling or with assumptions, and as of now, that is all that Ya'alon has offered."

Netanyahu and Ya'alon on a submarine | Archive Photo Credit: GPO/ Channel 2 News

Attorney Liat Ben Ari of the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office also addressed the accusations yesterday at a legal event in Jerusalem and said that "whoever has something to say should go to the police. There isn't always truth behind what's being tweeted on Twitter."

Though Ya'alon has already provided detailed testimony in the past, the police apparently intend to contact him to ascertain whether he was concealing any additional information. A statement from Ya'alon's office accused investigators and the State Prosecutor's Office of shirking their responsibilities and wasting valuable time that should be otherwise spent on exposing the truth.

"The corruption surrounding this affair is severe by any measure and is destructive to the State of Israel!” the statement read. "Ya'alon has given the police his testimony and all of the information that he possesses and expects the truth to come to light live every Israeli citizen. He will not rest until it does!"

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