Child dies from chemical attack in Ghouta

A chemical attack, likely a chlorine attack, has harmed several and killed a child in Ghouta. Syrian and Russian officials have denied that their governments were responsible for the attack.
Syrians receiving treatment after chemical attack in Ghouta Photo Credit: Screenshot from Twitter

On Sunday, reports indicated that a chemical attack, likely a chlorine attack, plagued the town of Ghouta, resulting in the death of a child and several cases of breathing difficulties. This attack came after the UN called for a 30-day ceasefire.

Reports have suggested that the Syrian government was behind the attack. Russia was also accused of supporting the attack after Moscow had placed the blame on the rebels, saying that they carried out the attack in order to claim that the Syrian government had attacked civilians. Russian officials have denied the accusations.

A local doctor told AFP “Most of the patients have chlorine odor from their clothes and their skin. Many have dyspnea [forced breathing] and skin and eye irritations.” The Syrian government has denied the accusations that it was responsible for the attack.

The reports of the chlorine attack come as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces continue fighting against opposition groups on several fronts in attempts to infiltrate the surrounded territory.

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