11 murdered in Saint Petersburg metro explosion: Terror suspect identified

According to reports, 11 people were murdered and 47 additional people were injured during an explosion in a Saint Petersburg, Russia metro station. The Russian media has distributed a picture of the suspected terrorist responsible for the attack. Another untouched explosive device was found. Russian Attorney General announces that this was an act of terror.

The moments following the explosion

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“Something horrible happened here,” several eye witnesses in Russia stated, describing the difficult sights at the scene of today’s (Monday) terror attack in a Saint Petersburg metro station. Russian security forces reported that another terror attack had been thwarted when an additional explosive device was located in a different metro station, but it did not explode.

Saint Petersburg’s Jewish community expressed concern that this could have been an attack directed at them: “The explosion occurred in a station used by many Jews.” A few hours after the incident, a picture of the suspected terrorist was released. At first, local media reported about two explosive devices, but after investigating, it became clear that there was only one explosive device that exploded in train car while it was in between two stations. 

Moments after the explosion Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A few hours after the incident, the Russian Attorney General announced that it was an act of terror in which 11 people were killed and 47 people, including children, were injured. Furthermore, local media reported that the explosive device contained nails and other shrapnel, which strengthened estimates that this was a terror attack.

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