2016 US presidential election’s 10 swing states

Political analysts have identified 10 swing states for this upcoming election: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico and North Carolina.
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On Tuesday, more than a hundred million Americans are expected to flock to the polling stations in order to choose the next US president. While you might say “every vote counts,” experts and political analysts are projecting that 10 states will considerably impact the outcome of this dramatic and explosive election race.

Arizona- Arizona has only backed one Democratic candidate since 1948, Bill Clinton in 1996. However, Hillary Clinton’s campaign hopes that the increased number of Hispanics in the state will help the Democratic nominee. The latest polls indicate Donald Trump has a slight advantage in the state but Clinton’s campaign claimed that she is leading among early voters.

Colorado- Colorado is considered a classic swing state in which anything could happen. In 2004, the support for George W. Bush in Colorado was the highest among all the states. However, four years later, the support for Barack Obama was the highest among all the states. Colorado has been traditionally considered a Republican state but in the last few years, the Democrats have been gaining momentum there.

Florida- Florida has always been considered an interesting state during presidential elections. Both Trump and Clinton have been investing a lot of efforts in the Sunshine State in order to recruit more voters.

Georgia- The last Democratic nominee to win in Georgia was Bill Clinton in 1992. Thus, it is estimated that Clinton does not really have a good chance of winning there but some local polls indicate that she is closing in on Trump.

10 swing states for this election Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Iowa- Trump’s advantage among Caucasian uneducated voters is expected to help him in Iowa, which is made up of more than 90% Caucasians. Although Obama won there in 2008 and 2012, Trump has a 5% lead according to a few recent surveys.

Michigan- Michigan has not supported a Republican nominee since George H. W. Bush in 1988 but it is a homogeneous state in regards to its ethnic makeup so Clinton’s advantage among minorities is not expected to significantly help her there.

Nevada- Since 1992, every candidate who won in Nevada went on to becoming the next US president. Nevada’s population is almost evenly split up between Democrats and Republicans, just like that of other swing states.

New Hampshire- New Hampshire is a small state with only four electoral votes. However, it is a swing state because of the Republicans hold a lot of power in the state in comparison to its neighboring states, which are mostly Democratic states.

New Mexico- The Democrats have won five out of six of the last elections in New Mexico. In addition to this statistic, Trump’s anti-immigration policies are expected to harm his chances of winning New Mexico.

North Carolina- Both Trump and Clinton visited North Carolina a lot during their campaigns and the latest polls indicate that the race there will be very tight.

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