19 killed in Russian bombing of medical facilities in Syria

Despite the international calls to stick to the understandings reached in Munich over the weekend, the fighting in Syria along the Turkish border has worsened. It was reported that two hospitals were bombed by the Russians.
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At least 19 Syrians were killed today in two Russian bombings in the framework of the fighting in Syria. In one of the incidents that took place near the Turkish border, 7 Russian missiles hit a compound that was established as a hospital and school for refugees in the area. 

Medical organizations that were operating in the area near the bombings accepted dozens of injured people who needed medical care after the attack. In another incident, a French medical organization operating in the area noted that a medical clenic that was established by Al Numan Cave was destroyed. According to them, the medical facility was deliberately bombed by the Russian Air Force.

Russia accused Turkey today of assisting jihadist terror organizations that infiltrated Syria illegally, among them ISIS: "Moscow expresses its utmost concern with the aggressive actions taken by the Turkish authorities in the neighboring country." At the same time, there was an exchange of fire this morning between the Turks and armed Kurdish groups. The Turkish Foreign Minister stated that his country's army is deployed along the border. Meanwhile, the United States and Germany called for relaxing the tensions that presently exist in Syria. 

Archives Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

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