Following Clinton’s medical episode, Trump takes the lead in polls

The Republican presidential candidate has climbed in the polls and is currently enjoying a 5-point advantage according to two different surveys.

The footage of Clinton almost collapsing

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Four days after Hillary Clinton almost collapsed as she was leaving a memorial service in New York for the victims of 9/11, it appears Donald Trump has recruited more voters. According to the results of a poll released by the Los Angeles Times, Trump has a 5-point advantage over his Democratic rival.

While Clinton is still trying to recover from pneumonia, Trump is working to close the gaps. According to the results of a national tracking poll released by the Los Angeles Times, there has been an increase in support for the Republican presidential candidate in the race.

Trump’s advantage is also present in polls that focus on swing states. The results of a Bloomberg poll that was conducted in Ohio also show that Trump has a 5-point advantage.

Trump’s climb in the polls indicates that Clinton’s health status and moreover the way the Democratic presidential candidate and her campaign poorly managed her most recent medical episode have influenced voters across the US.

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