American and Swedish UN officials kidnapped in Congo

Two UN officials, an American citizen and a Swedish citizen, have been kidnapped in Congo along with four Congolese citizens. The Congolese government said that the kidnapping occurred in the country’s Kasai Central province.
UN soldier in Congo Photo Credit: EPA

The Congolese government announced today (Monday) that two UN workers, an American citizen and a Swedish citizen, have been kidnapped. “The UN workers have fallen into the hands of hostile forces that have not yet been identified,” added the government.

The government released the identities of the foreign UN workers: American Michael Sharp and Swede Zaida Catalan. In addition to Sharp and Catalan, four citizens of Congo were kidnapped. The kidnapping occurred in Congo’s Kasai Central province.

The Congolese government did not say when the kidnapping took place. Reuters asked a UN spokesman for a comment but the news agency’s request was declined.

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