Data revealed concerning Trump’s healthcare reform: 22 million Americans could lose healthcare by 2026

A report submitted to the US Congress analyzed the healthcare reform bill’s current version. The independent government agency that wrote the report expects that by 2026, 22 million people will lose the healthcare that they currently enjoy from ObamaCare. However, the new reform will lower the US budget deficit by $321 million within a decade.
A blast to Trump’s healthcare reform Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

US President Donald Trump is still fighting towards one of his biggest campaign promises: repealing and replacing ObamaCare. However, a report submitted yesterday (Monday) to the US Congress and exposed within the media is expected to harm Trump’s chances of getting his healthcare reform approved.

The report written by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) – the independent government agency that provides nonpartisan forecasts in order to support the Congressional decision process – analyzed the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 that was submitted to the US Senate last week.

The report estimates that 22 million American citizens are expected to lose their healthcare by 2026 if the current version Trump’s healthcare reform is approved. While CBO’s analysis could harm the president’s chances of getting the healthcare reform approved, the report also indicates that the reform will lower the US budget deficit by $321 million within the next decade.

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