4% lead for Hillary Clinton, according to new polls

With two days until the U.S. election, the race remains tight. The Democratic candidate leads over her Republican opponent, according to polls conducted by NBC and The Wall Street Journal. Compared to prior polls, her lead has dropped. Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence said that his party will accept a clear outcome.
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The U.S. presidential race continues to be narrow as it enters its final stretch. Two days before the election, polls conducted by both The Wall Street Journal and NBC indicate a 4% lead for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton over her Republican opponent Donald Trump.

According to the polls, which were the last from both the media outlets, Clinton received 44% compared to Trump’s 40%. However, compared to the mid-October polls conducted by the two outlets, this lead is quite low for Clinton, who was previously polling an 11% lead over Trump.

Statistics from the polls indicate that Clinton leads among women (53% versus Trump’s 38%), African-Americans (86% versus Trump’s 7%), Hispanics (65% versus Trump’s 20%) and Millennials, voters between the ages of 18-34, (55% versus Trump’s 32%).

On the other hand, Trump remains in the lead among male voters (47% versus Clinton’s 42%), elderly (49% versus Clinton’s 42%) and Caucasians (53% versus Clinton’s 38%). Trump’s lead jumps to 60% compared to Clinton’s 30% among uneducated Caucasian voters. Yet, among educated Caucasian voters, the polls favor Clinton with 51%, and only 41% in Trump’s.

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The poll also indicates that Clinton has a significant lead among early voters (53% compared to Trump’s 39%) while Trump leads with voters planning to vote on Election Day (48% versus 41% for Clinton).

Due to Trump’s refusal to clearly state whether or not he would accept the election results on Tuesday, Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence commented on the narrow race: “The campaign’s made it very clear — a clear outcome, obviously both sides will accept.” Pence added that if the results will be “disputed,” the Republican Party reserves its right to appeal.

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