Almost two-thirds of Americans believe US should not withdraw from Iran’s nuclear deal

Almost two-thirds of Americans believe that the US should not withdraw from the agreement made with Iran, according to a CNN poll. 73% of Republicans approve of the way Trump is handling US-Iran relations.
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Ahead of US President Donald Trump’s long-awaited announcement on whether the US will withdraw from Iran’s nuclear deal, a new CNN poll revealed on Tuesday that almost two-thirds of Americans support the deal made with Iran.

While 51% of Republicans agree that the US should withdraw from the deal, a whopping 80% of Republicans believe that Iran violated the deal, while only 30% of Democrats believe the same thing.

In total, 62% of Americans admitted they believe Iran has violated the terms of the agreement, as opposed to 19% who said Iran has not violated the terms.

Another interesting poll fact is the percentage of people who believe Iran poses either "a very serious threat" or "a moderately serious threat” to the United States, which has risen from 69% last October to 75% today.

Of the 82% of Republicans who approve of Trump’s approach to foreign affairs, only 73% of them approve of the way he is handling US-Iran relations.

The SSRS poll was conducted among 1,015 American adults in recent days.

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