AP poll: 70% of Americans believe Trump to be unreliable

According to a new Associated Press poll, the US president’s approval ratings have plummeted to a new low after nine months in the White House. Only 32% of Americans are satisfied with Trump’s performance since the beginning of his service as president. Dissatisfaction among Republican respondents was also noted.
New low in Trump’s approval ratings Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Only 32% of Americans believe that their country is marching in the right direction under US President Donald Trump’s leadership, reveals a new survey released by the Associated Press. The poll was conducted in the shadow of a series of controversies that have accompanied the president throughout his term, including war threats against North Korea, complaints regarding his treatment of hurricane damages and his failure to condemn White Supremacists. This is a three percent decline from the previous survey conducted in June and is the lowest in approval ratings since Trump entered office nine months ago.

The poll also indicates that nearly 70% of Americans believe that Trump is not sensible, while a majority of the respondents said that he is unreliable and is not a strong leader. Furthermore, more than 60% disapprove of the manner in which Trump has dealt with racial tensions and also object his foreign policy and immigration policy.

70% of Americans believe Trump is not sensible Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The plummeting support for Trump is especially apparent among his supporters within the Republican Party. This past June, 60% of Republican respondents said that the country is marching in the right direction, whereas only 44% of respondents believed this in the most recent survey. In total, 67% of Americans, a third of whom are Republicans, have expressed their disapproval concerning Trump’s leadership in the White House.

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