Russian Navy reconnaissance ship sinks after colliding with cargo ship

A Russian navy ship crashed into a Turkish cargo ship carrying livestock in the Black Sea. Turkish media reported that 78 Russian soldiers were rescued and brought to safety.
Illustration | Archive Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 news

A Russian navy vessel collided today (Thursday) with a Turkish cargo ship in the Black Sea. The collision took place 30 kilometers from the shores of Istanbul near the Bosphorus in Turkey.

Early reports said that several Russian soldiers were missing after the collision, but Turkish media reported that all 78 soldiers aboard the Russian ship had been rescued.

The Russian Defense Ministry had said that there were concerns that the navy ship was about to drown. Apparently, as a result of the collision, the navy ship was breached below the waterline, the Defense Ministry said.

According to other reports, the Russian ship, called the Liman, was collecting intelligence in the Black Sea.

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