Singaporean tourist bitten by Komodo dragon was attempting to take a close-up photograph

A 50-year-old Singaporean visiting a nature reserve in Indonesia approached a Komodo dragon in order to take a photograph and was subsequently bitten on his left leg. The tourist waited three days before seeking medical treatment.
The Komodo dragon is a large species of lizard found in Indonesia | Illustration Photo credit: 123RF

A Singaporean man visiting a nature reserve in Indonesia was bitten on his left leg when he tried to take a close-up photograph of a Komodo dragon. The 50-year-old tourist reached an area considered unsafe for visitors, where the lizards known as the Komodo dragons reside. The man apparently ignored the signs warning of a restricted area and decided to approach a Komodo dragon.

"The Komodo does not like being bothered during its meal time," explained the director of the reserve. "The severity of the injury indicates that the tourist came very close to the lizard, which is what led to the incident."

After the incident, the tourist stayed in local residents' homes for three days, hoping to avoid paying for medical treatment. He finally sought medical attention after he lost a significant amount of blood. He was evacuated via a military boat to a nearby medical center.

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