US Navy confirms 7 sailors missing after US destroyer collided with container ship

A US Navy destroyer collided with a container ship just south of Japan. The US Navy confirmed the Japanese report, according to which seven sailors are missing. It was also reported that the incident resulted in injuries, but it is unknown how many and how serious the injuries are. One sailor was medically evacuated for treatment in Japan, which indicates the severity of his injuries.
The US Navy destroyer Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A US Navy destroyer and a Filipino container ship collided last night (Friday) near the Japanese shore. In an official statement, the US Navy said that several people were injured in the collision, but it is still unknown how many and the severity of their injuries. However, the Navy confirmed that seven American sailors are missing.

The collision between the USS Fitzgerald guided missile destroyer and the Filipino ACX Crystal occurred 100 kilometers southwest of Yokosuka, Japan. The Japanese Coast Guard arrived at the scene and the US Navy stated that the number of injuries and amount of damage were determined at the scene. The Navy also said that Japanese aided in the aerial rescue of a sailor, which could be an indication of the severity of his injuries.

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