Bomb planted under ambulance injures over 140 in Afghanistan

Dozens were murdered and at least 140 were wounded when a bomb strapped to an ambulance exploded at an Afghan Police checkpoint in Kabul. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the terror attack. This is the second terror attack in a week that the Taliban has carried out in Kabul.
Archive Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

An explosive device hidden underneath an ambulance exploded on Saturday at an Afghan Police checkpoint in Kabul. At least 40 people were murdered and another 140 were injured during the terror attack, which occurred in the area near the city’s foreign embassies. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the terror attack just one week after its terrorists carried out another attack on Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel, in which 20 people were murdered.

The Afghan Health Ministry Spokesperson stated that those who were injured were evacuated to a local hospital, as more wounded persons continue rolling in. Eye witnesses have reported that a large cloud of smoke can be seen above the scene of the explosion and that they felt buildings shake, even from hundreds of meters away.

According to the Afghan Interior Ministry, the ambulance exploded at 12:45 pm. The ambulance passed through the first police checkpoint and upon arriving to the second checkpoint, security forces noticed the suspicious driver and ordered him to stop. The terrorist did not listen to the orders and immediately set off the car bomb.

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