Afghanistan: Taliban murders 12 policemen at checkpoint

Taliban terrorists murdered at least 12 police officers in Afghanistan late last night with the help of a policeman affiliated with the terrorist organization. Other reports claim that the policeman murdered his colleagues without the help of other terrorists and then fled the scene.
Terror in Afghanistan (archive) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

At least 12 Afghan police officers were murdered by Taliban terrorists late Monday night at a checkpoint. According to reports, a policeman affiliated with the Taliban allowed the terrorists to enter the checkpoint in order to carry out the attack. The terrorists apparently shot the police officers who were sleeping at the time. However, other reports claim that the policeman affiliated with the Taliban murdered his colleagues himself without the help of other terrorists.

The attack occurred at a checkpoint in Lashkar Gah, the provincial capital of Helmand. Local news outlets stated that the policeman in the center of the deadly attack fled the scene, taking the weapons and ammunition that were at the checkpoint.

Helmand deputy police chief Haji Gulai confirmed the attack. “They [the Taliban] attacked other policemen with hand grenades and killed all of them," Gulai told reporters, according to Reuters. "They later took their weapons and ammunition and escaped.”

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