Argentina ends unsuccessful rescue operation for missing submarine

Following extensive searches in which approximately 4,000 people from 18 countries participated, the Argentinian Navy has announced its decision to stop the rescue operations for the missing submarine crew members.
Argentina ends rescue operation Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Thursday), the Argentinian Navy announced its decision to stop rescue operations for the 44 crew members of the missing San Juan submarine. “Despite the extensive efforts, we couldn’t locate the submarine,” stated Naval Spokesperson Enrique Balbi.

According to the spokesperson, approximately 4,000 people from 18 countries participated in the search. Balbi added that his country will continue to search for the submarine, which last made contact on the 15th of November, although hopes of finding survivors have strongly diminished. The rescue operation has extended to more than twice the estimated rescue time. According to reports, the submarine only had enough oxygen to last seven to ten days.

Thousands assisted in the search Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Last week, the families of the 44 crew members reacted with shock and anger when told that an explosion hit the submarine, leaving no survivors. According to Argentinian navy officials, the underwater explosion occurred about three hours after the connection with the submarine was lost.

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