Nepal: Plane crash kills at least 38 people

A US-Bangla Airlines flight caught fire and slid on the runway during a landing in Kathmandu, Nepal, on Monday. 38 have been reported dead and several injured.
Emergency forces gather at the scene in Kathmandu Photo Credit: Screenshot from Youtube/ Fun2s Nepal

On Monday, US-Bangla Airlines Flight BS211 slid off the runway during a landing at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. Reports state that at least 38 of the 71-passenger flight have died, at least 17 have survived, 23 people were injured and 10 remain missing, according to sources.

Sources indicate that the airplane hit an airport fence and burst into flames during landing. According to Nepalese police, the injured will be treated at several local hospitals.

The pilot reportedly lost control of the aircraft after hitting the fence. Nepalese media reported that the airport was closed due to the incident, and firefighters and rescue teams were operating there.

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