Audio recording of Kerry reveals his thoughts about Syrian War

US Secretary of State John Kerry was recorded during a meeting with Syrian Opposition representatives. In the audio recording, Kerry can be heard repeatedly complaining about the Obama administration's approach to the war in Syria.
"I understand it’s frustrating," Kerry said during the meeting Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

In an audio recording released last night (Saturday) by the New York Times, US Secretary of State John Kerry can be heard complaining about the Syrian crisis and the Obama administration’s approach to finding a solution.

The recording from the meeting that took place on September 22nd is 40 minutes long. The meeting was attended by dozens of senior level representatives from the Syrian Opposition and took place several days after the official ceasefire ended.

Kerry is heard repeatedly complaining about the Obama administration’s approach to the civil war in Syria. “I think you’re looking at three people, four people in the administration who have all argued for use of force and I lost the argument,” Kerry said while trying to explain to the representatives why the US is struggling to maintain a ceasefire. “We’re trying to pursue the diplomacy and I understand it’s frustrating. You have nobody more frustrated than we are."

Besides Kerry, the recording captured several of the representatives’ complaints as to what they described as contradictions in American foreign policy in Syria. One woman even asked Kerry how many more Syrians have to be killed for the US to take serious action in Syria.

Kerry replied that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s indifference could push the Obama administration to consider new options. Kerry added that any American effort to rearm the rebels or join the struggle could backfire.

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