Victoria Police rescue woman held hostage after shooting suspect dead

After holding a woman hostage, a suspect was shot dead and three police officers were injured in a Melbourne, Australia suburb. Local police are investigating the possibility of terrorism being a factor in the incident.
The scene of the hostage situation in Melbourne Photo Credit: EPA

After receiving reports of an explosion, police officers arrived at an apartment building today (Monday) in the Melbourne, Australia suburb of Brighton. Upon their arrival, police officers located a deceased male in the stairwell. Shortly afterwards, the officers discovered that there was a hostage situation with a woman being held against her will.

Special police and other reinforcements then arrived at the scene and attempted to negotiate with the hostage-taker, but the suspect exited the building and began firing at the police officers, who immediately returned fire. During the shootout, the suspect was shot dead and three police officers were injured. The woman held hostage was rescued and was not harmed in the incident. According to the Victoria Police, terrorism has not been ruled out yet as the incident is being investigated.

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