Banner of 'Peacemaker' Putin mysteriously appears on Manhattan Bridge

The New York City Police Department was surprised to receive many reports of a giant banner of the Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Manhattan Bridge. Under Putin's portrait, the word "Peacemaker" was written and now law enforcement agencies are investigating whether the banner was part of a prank or a political act.
A political act or just a hoax? Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

The tension between Washington and Moscow escalated today (Friday) when a huge banner of Russian President Vladimir Putin was draped from the Manhattan Bridge in New York. The word “Peacemaker” was written under Putin's image. The police are now investigating who was behind this mysterious act.

The police who were called to the site removed the huge banner from the bridge. "There are no details on why or who, it has to be investigated," said an NYPD spokesperson.

The police began watching the security camera footage from the scene in order to solve this mystery.

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