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Obama’s gift to Michelle: A vacation alone

US President Barack Obama gave a special gift to his wife for her 50th birthday, a Hawaii vacation alone, without him or the girls. The First Lady will stay with friends in Honolulu before returning to Washington. Last month, it was reported that their relationship was in a crisis.

Jan 05, 2014, 08:45PM | Dana Nasi
Reports of a marital crisis?

Reports of a marital crisis? Photo Credit: Reuters

US President Barack Obama provided his wife with her dream birthday gift, a vacation without the children or him in Hawaii.  The White House announced that the First Lady will stay on the island, while her husband and daughters will be in Washington, DC. 

 “As part of her birthday present, the First Lady will go to Hawaii in order to enjoy being with friends, prior to her 50th birthday,” a White House official stated.  Michelle will celebrate her birthday on January 17th, by saying goodbye to her husband and daughters, after leaving a Honolulu vacation accompanied by many gulf games and dinners with friends.

 In December, after the public funeral of Nelson Mandela, the United States and Russia reported that Barack and Michelle Obama were in a serious marital crisis, which culminated with the publication of the photographs of US President Obama with the Danish Prime Minister unbecomingly joking with each other in front of the watchful eyes of the entire world during Nelson Mandela’s funeral.  

 Reports claimed that Michelle Obama felt humiliated in front of hundreds of millions of people.  The reports claimed that she was “tired of it” and that it was hard for her to absorb the humiliation resulting from US President Obama’s actions.   Another report even went as far as claiming that US President Obama was sleeping in a separate room from his wife in the White House and that Michelle appealed to a divorce lawyer to handle the matter, to make sure that she got half of Obama’s property. 

 An official in Washington even noted that the couple will end their connection with one another and that it was a sure bet.  One news report claimed that Michelle Obama is merely waiting for US President Obama to finish his second term in order not to damage his political career and then she will begin the separation process.  

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