BBC pedophilia investigation leads to battle with Facebook

BBC News collected pedophilia content that was published on Facebook and complained to the social networking giant after it didn’t remove the reported content. Facebook demanded proof but when BBC showed the pictures, it was amazed to discover that Facebook filed a complaint to the police against BBC.
Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

British Television Network BBC News decided to prove to Facebook that its content filtering scheme is not efficient enough.

BBC conducted a comprehensive investigation, which ultimately found no less than 100 pedophilia pictures and content that managed to pass Facebook’s content filtering scheme. When the TV network reported its findings, only 18 of the posts were removed and more than 80% was kept online.  

Following the investigation, BBC approached Facebook for an interview with Policy Director Simon Milner. Facebook agreed to the interview under the condition that they will be shown the problematic content. When BBC agreed, it was surprised to discover that Facebook canceled the interview and even filed a complaint with the police against the TV network for distribution of pedophilia content.

“It is against the law for anyone to distribute images of child exploitation,” Facebook stated. Chairman of the Media Committee MP Damian Collins responded to Facebook’s reaction and stated that it was “extraordinary because you’re trying to help them clean up their network from material that shouldn’t be there.”

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