Report: Explosion in Brussels’ central train station, suspect shot, neutralized

The train traffic in Brussels was stopped temporarily following a report of an explosion in a local train station. Passengers were evacuated. No injuries reported.
The explosion Photo credit: Twitter/ Channel 2 News

Tonight (Tuesday), security forces were called to one of the central train stations in Brussels, Belgium, following a report of an explosion. Train traffic in the area was stopped and passengers were evacuated from the station but no injuries were reported.

The circumstances of the event are still unclear but the local police clarified that the incident is under control and that one suspect was shot and neutralized. Most likely, the suspect was wearing an explosive vest.

Over the past several months, most of Europe has been in a state of alert. Yesterday, large police forces were called to Paris’ Champs Élysée following a security incident. According to the French AFP, a vehicle rammed into a police car in the area. No injuries resulted from the incident.

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