Miracle at the barber shop: Footage shows errant shots barely miss child's head

US police released security camera footage which caught the terrifying moments in which shots were fired at an Arizona barber shop. In the video, a 4-year-old girl is seen sitting by the window when suddenly, two bullets penetrate the glass and miss the child’s head by just a few millimeters.
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A 4-year-old girl from the US was graced by a miracle this week when bullets fired at the barber shop where she was sitting penetrated the window and barely missed her head by a few millimeters. Police in Arizona, which is where the incident occurred, released a video today (Thursday) from the barber shop’s security cameras that shows just how close the girl was from being hit by the errant shots.

In the video, the girl is seen running around and then she sits down by the barber shop’s window. Suddenly, two bullets penetrate through the window barely missing both sides of the toddler’s head. According to the police, this was a random shooting and the assailants meant to shoot at a nearby tattoo parlor.

Watch the dramatic moments of the shooting Photo Credit: SKY News/Channel 2 News

The 4-year-old was not injured in the shooting, but she was taken for medical treatment after receiving cuts to her face from the broken glass. The 23-year-old shooter was arrested shortly afterwards with his 21-year-old friend who was with him in the car.

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