California: African-American shot dead by police officers

For the third time in the past week, police officers in the U.S. fatally shot an African-American male. This time, the shooting occurred in San Diego, California. Following the shooting, many protesters gathered at the scene.
The scene of the shooting Photo Credit: El Cajon Police Department/Channel 2 News

The San Diego Police Department reported today (Wednesday) that an African-American man was shot dead in the city of El Cajon, California. The man was shot because police believed that he was carrying a weapon. However, it was later discovered that the man was unarmed. According to El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis, officers were called to the scene and found the man, Alfred Olango, wandering in the street between vehicles.  After he refused to comply with the officers’ orders, Olango took an object out of his pocket and pointed it towards the police. The officers fired at him several times.

In light of the shooting, many people gathered near the scene and demanded that the local police department disclose the details about this incident. Davis urged the public to remain calm and said: “This [investigation] will be transparent. This will be looked at by multiple sets of eyes and not just ours.” Davis also warned the public to not jump to conclusions before the evidence is reviewed.

This is the third police shooting involving African-Americans this week. Five days ago, a female officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma shot and killed 40-year-old Terence Crutcher. As reported by JOL, Crutcher was unarmed at the time. The female officer was charged with manslaughter shortly after the shooting took place.

A day earlier, 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott was shot dead by a police officer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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