The staff of Canadian MP William Amos sends insulting email to constituent

A Canadian citizen was disrespected by the staff of MP William Amos after writing an email that was critical of carbon tax increases within the country: “This is the height of rudeness by liberal politicians while the mainstream media covers up for them.”
Photo Credit: Shabnam Assadollahi

A Canadian citizen sent a letter to MP William Amos that was highly critical of carbon tax increases within the country, proclaiming, “Do you care about holding onto your job in the future or are you willing to go down with the sinking Trudeau ship? Do you support the lies, overspending, the mistreatment and abuse of Canadians in favor of all other nations particularly those with Saudi/Islamic ties? The list of reasons to hate your boss is a long one and if you have any common sense, you will think about how well you are or aren’t representing the people who elected you.”

In response, the MP’s staff told the citizen: “You are wasting your time with these emails. No one is going to be influenced by this nonsense and you are simply wasting the valuable time of the parliamentary staffers at least until we realize that this email belongs in the junk folder.” Following this incident, Iranian Canadian human rights activist Shabnam Assadollahi sent an email to MP Amos, declaring: “You have a very impressive CV but it appears that you have a bully nature which reminded me of the Islamic Republic of Iran's officials. As a taxpaying Canadian who is also paying your salary, I am astonished by the lack of professionalism and bully response of yours to an outraged email which was sent to your attention about carbon tax by a concerned Canadian taxpayer.” 

After Assadollahi emailed MP Amos, the honorable MP sent out a letter of apology: “It was brought to my attention that a rude, unacceptable response was sent by email this week concerning pricing on carbon pollution. I would like to thank you for bringing this information to my attention and I want to express my sincerest apology. I was shocked by the response that this person received from my staff and I agree that it was unacceptable. As you know, pricing on carbon pollution is a topic that I have followed and worked on for many years. We may have different perspectives but I always value the opinions of all my constituents. I encourage you to continue expressing your views.”

This is not the first time that a leftist politician in Canada dismissed the views of political opponents in a disrespectful manner. Alison Azer, whose 4 children were abducted by her ex-husband and brought to the Islamic Republic of Iran, stated that she was shocked to see that Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion made a dismissive thumbs-up gesture when her ordeal came up in the Canadian House of Commons. Azer, who was sitting in the public gallery at the time, stated that she felt “disrespected and dishonored.” Although Dion apologized, Assadollahi proclaimed that “this is the height of rudeness by liberal politicians while the mainstream media covers up for them.”

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