Winnie the Pooh removed from Chinese social media

Winnie-the-Pooh is curious, loveable and a good friend, but not according to the ruling party in China. On social media platforms in China, Winnie the Pooh has become a symbol representing Chinese President Xi Jinping and therefore, the censorship removed the teddy bear from social media. Anyone who uploads a picture of the illustrated bear finds a message in its place stating that the post is illegal.
Why are the Chinese aggravated by Winnie the Pooh? Photo Credit: Alfredo Medellín/Channel 2 News

Winnie the Pooh is one of the most famous children’s character in the world but in China, the character can no longer be found on social media platforms. In fact, anyone who uploads a picture or simply mentions in their post “Little Bear Winnie,” which is the teddy bear’s name in China, finds in its place a message stating that their content is illegal.

The reason behind this surprising action is the fact that the loveable teddy bear has become a symbol representing Chinese President Xi Jinping. In addition to deleting posts, GIFs and stickers containing the star of A. A. Milne’s books have been removed from the WECHAT messaging network, which has over 889 million users within the country. Furthermore, China has emphasized that if the teddy bear is uploaded with his original English name “Winnie the Pooh,” it will not be removed. “Poor little Winnie,” one Chinese user wrote. “What did this adorable honey-loving bear ever do to provoke anyone?”

Chinese censorship laws are being tightened in preparation for the Communist Party’s 19th Conference. The party’s national committee will convene this fall and choose which party figures will lead the country and the politburo.

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