China performs Air Force exercises as Japan imposes new sanctions on North Korea

Yesterday, China announced its Air Force will perform long-range exercises despite objections from Taiwan and Japan. Meanwhile, Japan imposed new sanctions on North Korea following continuous nuclear threats.
Archive Photo credit: EPA

Yesterday (Thursday), China announced that its Air Force will soon be performing long-range flight exercises despite objections from Japan and Taiwan. “Our air force will continue to fly as usual,” stated the Chinese Defense Ministry. “No matter what obstacles we encounter.” According to the ministry, the drills were routine and in accordance with international law.

Meanwhile, Japan announced that it will impose new sanctions on North Korea due to the country’s insistence on continuing its missile tests. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga added that the government will freeze the assets of 6 organizations and 2 people related to Pyongyang. Until now, Japan has sanctioned 72 organizations and 81 people related to the dictatorship.

Kim touring the Chemical Material Institute of the Academy of Defense Sciences Photo Credit: KCNA/Channel 2 News

As reported by JOL, new images from North Korea, which were released on Wednesday by the local media, revealed surprising developments in Pyongyang’s missile program.

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