CIA spying methods revealed by WikiLeaks

Thousands of classified documents published by the WikiLeaks website reveal CIA espionage and surveillance methods that include taking control of a vehicle and listening in on cellphone conversations.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Thousands of classified documents were published yesterday by the WikiLeaks website, which significantly embarrassed the American intelligence community. The documents expose the modus operandi of the CIA regarding hacking and espionage methods.

If the details revealed in the documents are proven to be true, the significance is that secret methods in the cyber world are now exposed, which could jeopardize the global struggle against terrorism and violate the privacy of many Americans. American politicians are presently calling to investigate the leaks. However, a CIA spokeswoman stated that she is not prepared to relate to the content of classified documents.

According to WikiLeaks, the CIA can take over vehicles via existing internet connections. Therefore, the CIA can take over a vehicle from a distance and thus cause accidents that appear to be mere mistakes in order to eliminate targets. In addition, the CIA has the ability to disguise themselves as Russian hackers.

Another CIA spying method that seeks to infiltrate into the lives of residents across the globe is the utilization of a global hacking program called Year Zero. According to the report, the CIA listens in on conversations by hacking into TV’s inside homes. They also eavesdrop via many American and European companies among them Apple, Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Samsung.

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