Clinton blames Comey’s letters for presidential loss

During a conference call with her major campaign donors, Hillary Clinton spoke out against FBI Director James Comey and blamed him for her presidential loss to Donald Trump. According to Clinton, the letter that Comey wrote to Congress about the sudden reopening of the investigation into her as well as the letter in which he announced the closing of the investigation just two days prior to Election Day harmed her chances of reaching the White House.
Clinton Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Hillary Clinton blames the FBI for her loss in the presidential election, according to the remarks she made yesterday evening (Saturday) during a conference call with her main campaign donors. Clinton said during the call that FBI Director James Comey harmed her campaign twice in the mere days prior to Election Day – when he announced the reopening of the investigation into the email controversy and when he stated that no evidence from the new investigation constitutes indicting her.

Clinton admitted that the loss is very difficult for her and that after the third debate, her campaign staff members were certain that she would win the election. According to Clinton, Comey’s conduct seriously harmed her campaign shortly before the polling stations opened.

According to a person who participated in the conference call, Clinton claimed that the first letter Comey wrote to Congress, which announced that reopening of the investigation, hindered the momentum of her campaign after the three debates.

Clinton also explained that the second letter Comey wrote, which announced that the investigation would be closed, only outraged and encouraged Trump supporters while also turning undecided voters against her.

However, Clinton also mentioned that this was not the only problem she faced during the race and urged her supporters to continue their struggle despite her loss.

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