Clinton in 2013: Israel isn't capable of causing substantial damage to Iranian nuclear program

Wikileaks revealed one of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s speeches from 2013 regarding the Iranian nuclear issue: "The Israelis' estimate is even if we set their program back for just a couple of years, it's worth doing. But they [the Israelis] couldn't do much damage themselves."
Clinton Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In a speech the Democratic presidential candidate delivered in front of the finance company Goldman Sachs in 2013, Hillary Clinton spoke of Israel's military abilities against the Iranian nuclear program. During the speech, Clinton claimed that Israel isn't capable of inflicting substantial damage to the nuclear program.

“The Israelis, as you know, have looked at this very closely for a number of years,” said Clinton. “The Israelis' estimate is even if we set their program back for just a couple of years it's worth doing and whatever their reaction might be is absorbable.”

“Our policy is prevention, not containment,” continued Clinton. “What that means is that they have to be prevented from getting a nuclear weapon.” In addition, Clinton said that bombing Iran's nuclear power plants is an option.

Iranian Nuclear Facility Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The speech is part of the documents leaked through the hack into Clinton's campaign manager’s e-mail account in which there were thousands of emails between the two. The Democratic Party has yet to confirm the authenticity of the documents but also has not denied any of them.

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